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Macassar schooner and dugout canoe, Jakarta

My cameras have taken me a long ways. I started out as a stringer for the N.Y. Times and Newsweek in Mexico City back in the olden days and soon developed a list of clients in that town ranging from Volkswagen to Mexicana Airlines. Towards the end of my sojourn in Mexico I photographed for President Echeverria and ended up tagging along on many of his meetings with heads of other countries of Latin America. I had by that time established myself with a bevy of Mexican publishers as well.

After ten years in Mexico, I moved to San Francisco and began a stay of 17 great years in that city, using it as a base for travels all around the world, mainly the Pacific and Asia.

Now I’m in Boise, Idaho, and loving it here. As you might imagine from this truncated history, I’ve been around and learned a lot. If you think you could profit from my experience and vision, please give me a call. If not, then enjoy the many photos on this site; they will help fill in the gaps for you. These are the places I’ve been and the people I’ve known!

All of my photos are available for purchase!

Typical Real Estate Shoot

We all like to show our best shots from our best jobs, and I'm no different. And we all know that our bread and butter is how we deal with the day-to-day locations we're offered. What may appear a normal run of the mill property at first glance usually holds within it a potential for something much more: a warm, comfortable, and inviting home.

I have chosen one such property here to show  you what good photography can do for it. Take a look:  Typical Real Estate Shoot

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